Walter Hundhausen GmbH …

… specialises in the production of high-quality iron castings with nodular graphite iron and is one of the leading jobbing foundries in Germany. Many well-known customers from the automobile industry, mechanical engineering, railway systems and also the wind energy sectors place their trust in our first-class product and service quality.
As the leading system supplier we manufacture castings in small, medium and large series. We produce individual weights ranging from 3 to 220 kg. Fully automatic moulding facilities are only two examples of the modern production technology we apply at Walter Hundhausen GmbH.

We focus strongly on innovation! In order to maintain our top position in the market we rely on research and development and the expertise and continuous professional development of our employees. As far as technology is concerned, it is our goal to always remain at the forefront of developments. In this context our progressive quality and environmental management are of major significance.

Integrated project solutions are our response to the wishes of many customers for pre-finished castings. We offer complete new developments, ranging from planning and construction to manufacture, treatment and delivery.

Always focussing on how we jointly can put your ideas into shape!

The GMH Group at a glance.