• 1914
    Walter Hundhausen establishes a foundry in Gevelsberg
  • 1919
    Relocation of the company to Schwerte

  • 1928
    Production start of black heart malleable cast iron

  • 1936
    Death of company founder Walter Hundhausen

  • 1938
    Giving up of cast iron production

  • 1944
    Production start-up for cast iron automotive parts for the later Volkswagen Werk

  • 1949-51
    First production of heavy duty parts for truck axles

  • 1960
    Launching of the first automatic moulding line

  • 1965-70
    Expansion of production facilities for heavy duty components for commercial vehicles

  • 1980
    Design and start-up of a new moulding plant with gas pressure-moulding facilities and automatic production processes as far as the removal/separation area

  • 1989
    Take-over of the company by Hoesch Rothe Erde AG, Dortmund

  • 1993-94
    Start-up of a further moulding line

  • 2000
    Take-over of the company by the GMH Group

  • 2005
    Restructuring of the company by investing of more than 40 million Euro (Moulding facility, core-making, fettling shop, new cupola furnace)

  • 2008
    Finalisation and start-up of the new cupola furnace containing most advanced environmental and filter technology

  • 2009
    Walter Hundhausen fights the world economic and financial crisis with a tailor-made restructuring concept to retain and secure jobs and production means.

  • 2010-2011
    Walter Hundhausen continues to invest in modern technology and important projects

Walter Hundhausen